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The Perfect Crime
I just took what was yours and called it mine
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14th-Aug-2010 11:37 pm - Blue Frosting
Round and roung we go

Blue frosting doughnuts made by blogger Sprinkle Bakes. Visit her blog for more pictures and recipes and a short tutorial on how to make these cuties.
14th-Aug-2010 04:34 pm - Hillarybird's Prints
Feel It

While I am smitten with the entire selection of prints in Hillarybird's Etsy shop, the friendship between this girl and her bear have won my heart.

14th-Aug-2010 09:12 am - What is this?
Feel It
The Lost Children shall gather to them stones,
And the Stones of white shall be the record of their number,
And it shall exceed the number of the trees,
In that time will a third of them be cut off,
In the time of “The Great Harvest,”
“New Tablets” shall be cut,
Prophecies etched in stone,
In blood blood,
In the voice of the Raven,
One shall come from them,
The Keeper of Fire is He,
He shall walk among the ashes,
From the north will he come,
With his charge over fire,
And the Ravens are his children,
With their number a third of the trees,
Where he goes,
There will also the fire,
With him the voice of The Third Trumpet,
One, East, Earth. Yellow
Two, South, Water. Black
Three, West, Air. Blue
Four, North, Fire. Red
Five, the absolute center of the cross, Ether. White
The sounding of The Third Trumpet,
His voice shall be the rushing of waters,
Heralding in the freedom of all oppressed,
Which are the sounding of The Second Trumpet,
At this time the Earth will open her womb,
The Keeper of Fire who holds the Keys,
Will release Three Trembling Sisters,
Whom will explode in their gaiety,
They are The Keepers of The North,
Their song ushering in the sounding of The First Trumpet,
Which is the song of The Lost Children,
Sung by all nations,
All peoples,
Liberation of the South,
The rushing of waters,
The Loving Embrace of Three Sisters,
The voices of Si-xteen now held by The Keeper of The Fire,
Where he goes,
There also the fire,
There also the Ravens, a raven’s voice,
The liberation of the South shall be in,
The embrace of the Lost Sisters,
Of Three rushing across land,
The tide of their trembling making,
The Coast anew which is the song of The Lost Children,
In time,
The Song of The Dead shall it be called,
Shall rise from the mud,
And the bodies of those heaped around the altars,
The Mountains have heard his word,
Of God,
The keys are held in his mind,
Heart Word,
The Fire’s Head has been shorn,
So the voice of the third,
The water shall be as blood,
The moon shall no more,
His voice heard across the land-of God,
They shall try-strike him down,
But shall fall by their own blows,
The great city shall be exposed,
The Beast also known as Abbadon, Apolyon, Anti-Christ, Spawn of Satan, Envy
Great Whore shall arise,
In this time-“The Great Convergence” will occur,
They shall sing a new song, “JAH SURVIVETH”
In the North the whore will arise,
The rotting womb of Satan,
The eagle,
In its outstretched talons,
An olive branch representing enslavement,
Repression of the Blacks, South, Water, Two,
In its outstretched talons,
Thirteen arrows representing enslavement, decimation, repression,
Of the native peoples, Earth, One,
Their Rotting Crest,
Red stripes the blood of Martyr Saints,
Over the Rod is a snake,
Spoken of in,
and Aaron yet it bears no fruit,
The Keeper of Fire,
Will travel North,
To a city on the coast,
With the keys there shall he find,
Two whores one of Silver one of Gold
Standing below,
The Temple Wall, a cliff
Ascend he will,
Finding Redemption, Penitence, Reason,
With leaf of silver, stead than Gold,
He shall be unlocked and return once again to the battle,
Walking down a street dividing,
“Two square equally sized buildings”,
In eye of corner the Fire Begins,
Gathering to him his blood, his daughter,
Yea even Zion, “Her True Identity” as he proceeds,
Towards the raging Ocean,
A barge awaits Him there to pass,
They sing the new song THE SONG OF LIFE-
“Rhan eYo y-el-eohim oni-oh, “
“Rahd-nLee-Oh-ee-Adonai Ya-nah-ni Ya-Nha-na-Ni Yo-Eho-No,”
And sail to island,
The Children await him there,
They sing the new song,
“The Song of Life,”
The Beast,
Pursues armed for battle,
Across the water he comes,
But is
Cut down by The Keepers Brother
Who is, “The Angel Death,”
Apolyon’s minions are swallowed by the Ocean,
By their own blows,
In the air,
Come Locust, heads of men Scorpion tails armed for Battle,
Try spread their wicked seed on the “Isle of Lost Children,”
Killed by their own blows,
As the Keeper and his Brother watch with the Lost Children from Silver Cloud,
“The Keeper,”
Called North to awaken “The Three Sisters,”
Then South of the North,
Bringing with him Fire, raking the coals,
Then to a camp of prison, where clothed in black, as coal,
His hands read her Water, his wife
The Jordan, “Her true identity,”
And with it the Keeper is given Wings
To fly, and is told,
Not to drink the “Water,
But the,
“Water of LIFE,”
The land is Broken,
Carved anew His Mother,
“The MOON,”
They are gone,
“Rosh-Hana,” which is,
“The Sounding of The Third Trumpet,”
The first,
Shall be Last, as we approach
“The Great Convergence,” thinned as the trees,
The Land will be Scorched,
The Coast,
Decimated, His Father-of Blood proceeds north-shedding tears,
With The Children,
And “The Keeper of Fire,” to a place of Moorage,
Anchor-Head there wilt he travel to a city of Angels,
To gather, and “Bring the Fire”
To the “Losers of Children,”
There the water will boil,
“Four sets
of-Three sets of Three,”
“11” in “11”, in dreams he begins to
Learn to FLY,
In The way of God,
He learns to SEE, “HOSANNA”
For the wise man’s eyes are within his head,
But the fool walketh in Darkness,
“Afraid to Look within to see,
Motives of Heart his”
And Then also He perceived that one Event,
“Birth so”
“Death so”
Happeneth to us all, and comprehended he, “The Keeper of Fire”
That Death/Birth are the Gateways to
“Two Paths,” 1 Leading up
-leading down,
Then in “The Time of Decision” Abbadon will rise to power,
The Keeper will travel Do-you-know,
In night when new day begins a plane will fly over his head as he
Standing in street four,
Lane empty, emerged he from Earth,
The flames will creep from pit to Town, EVEN CITY as the
Sun rises through haze he rides, with fury of Goliath
And meets he there those who would extinguish “FLAME”
And then Raging Ocean, to no avail,
There finds he,
Those who breathe water, call him friend for he,
Is their equal, take them HE to Lost City in “Darkest Oceans” embrace,
Give new him, skin, of water
Rides he in “The Leviathan” to escape those who
Would snuff him out, yet die they
By their own blows, BY THEIR OWN BLOWS,
Marveled is he, in their “Wise Ways”,
Breathes he their water,
Feels there his “New Skin” swims he then,
Back to his land,
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